7:27:37am - 08/29/01

can't write no mo'
there's no new words to use
there's no love no mo'
i was left by my muse

she went away 'cause of the distance
saying there was no need to cry
i didn't fight against the resistance
but i wanted to kiss her goodbye

oh, how will i do without your inspiration
i know that love is your main attraction
don't wanna play with infatuation
for passion's only a love's fraction

come back and strongly squeeze my heart
this pain keeps tearing up my soul
if i have to suffer, let it be for the art
of loving and being out of control

come back and give me your light
shine bright and leave me once again blind
put me to sleep and guide me throughout the night
until together love we find

</codeína nikélika>

make my bed, whisper a story, tell me good nite... sweet dreams.

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