12:12:12am - 5/16/01

i was chased in the corner, with suicide as my weapon of choice.
i could not speak, for i didn't know the language.
i heard them babbling and screaming, attacking me without touching me.
my heart beating with the desire of an impulsive solution.
i looked down to see what was reserved in the end, to the raindrops.
the torrid rain washed the opened halls and cooled my fire.
it was enough for a flood but it didn't float my boat.
my heart and soul were still drowned in desperation.
a dark night with no reflection from my eyes.
i stared at myself for less than a second; pitiful creature.
a frightened rat, a perfect victim for a future cancer, a damaged brain.
a retarded mind, stressed. posessed by cells fulfilled with wisdom,
in a body whose cells could not be more xenophobic. "it is of no use" -
i said to myself. better close these exhausted eyes, before they cry my last tears, of blood.

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what is reality?

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