01:11am - 13/11/02


can you hear me moan when alone in my room
thinking of you, sweet flower in full bloom
to underneath the covers my hand slips, thoughtless act
and i feel an urge to smell you. am i being incorrect

i imagine your smile, your breathing sound
pulse speeds up, i'm rolling on the bed and turning around
then an image of your hair in ponny tail
and wisps of it falling on your scruff. my heart might fail

you say something in a childish voice, whispering in my ear
and a shiver comes down my spine. it isn't from fear
it's a flying demon, wings covered by rust
it possesses my mind, my body and soul. it's the lust

my movements fasten, there's no way back
all thoughts run freely, i can't keep track
then suddenly i reach the limit, the desiring border line
i spread my arms open and sigh, only wishing you were mine

</codeína nikélika>


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