9:31pm - 7/5/2


when i get real bad with my knack at rhyme
i'll search in my pocket for one lost dime
i'll spend it in cheap sweets, going for a sugar high
for i'm so crazy i prefer to be depressed if it gives me what to write

ppl may think i'm under the effect of some drug
but i'm totally clean except for a cocoa mug
could that be what is so strangely alterating
the way i act and talk making me appear to be fadding?

i search incessantly to be lost inside my own mind
so that in this marvelous hidden magical dungeon i finally find
what gives me the uncomparable feeling of ecstasy
when i mix in my writing the incredible reality and the dreamful fantasy

why to have just one when i can have both sides
why to be narrowly straight and lose that fun slide
the best part of knowing s/th is knowing there's another part
the worst part of knowing s/th is thinking you know it, and that's art

</codeína nikélika>

i need a little salty food now.

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