5:35am - 09/24/01

evolution or pure illusion?!

one's desires aren't necessarily one's needs.
sometimes wishing cleanness not to hold dirt.
no existence of a food which feeds
for a hungry stomach will never hurt.

would like my only supply to be grass
that'd gimme all liquid water, the quantity for a mule
for there's not even enough in the air, of water as gas
no condiments for a gasoline taste or color, waste of fuel

would like breathing to have no sound
my body to weight not even a pound
no way for the trash to be ever found
the world to stop and no more go around

some serious relaxing peace of mind
solutions to problems being easy to find
many good things being bought with a dime
including a new brain and some practical rhyme

would like human beings to get real
not to hide whatever inside they feel
or turn all in life into a foolish deal
to prove they can roll, irresponsibly, a wheel

</codeína nikélika>

illusia... "my heart's hurting beyond words... this pain keeps tearing up my soul... these days had seen my spirit die... my life propeled out of control..." [hearts are hurting - x:wp]

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