1:24:39am - 6/3/01

expanding living system

i'm not allowed to whine
so i drank just a little bit
out of an open bottle of wine
sitting next to the chair where i sit

i feel like being out
'cause i miss that smell
but what is it all about?
where they gonna sell?

i've got no money to buy
what can't be bought
i can just will to try
as always i knew i ought

i've been for so long waiting
not knowing what the heck to think
i don't feel like keep saying
while also wasting ink

i know you know very well
what i want, need, feel
you also know you could tell
without ever needing to take a pill

you see, i sound out of my way
but in reality it's meaningful, and tough
i don't want to have to say
'cause i already sound dull enough

this is an extra line
and some others just to show
that i'm not drunk or drugged, i'm fine
but i expect you to understand, that despite all it already is,
there'll be eternally space (in an expanding living system), for my
love, to grow.

</codeína nikélika>

i need some whining time!!! when's it gonna be my fault? i miss being blamed for the faults of others...

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