6:47 - 27/4/2

i'm so sorry i didn't stay
i couldn't cheer you up, i was so sadly lost
when i saw him come, i was astray
my heart frozen would spread the frost

i judged it'd be better if i left
to come home and cry a river, for many reasons
i always find too many of them. and build a raft
then sail away to a private isle, for a couple seasons

i wonder what would happen if my raft broke
and i drowned in the way to my refuge
would i carry w/ me this heavy smoke
that blurrs my way. would i refuse

if someone tried to bring me to shore.
or what if my raft was lost after the arrival
would hermes help me for sure
and bring a message about my condition of survival

</codeína nikélika>

would hermes be my messenger?

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