3:23pm - 25/07/02


'i'm all mixed up' sounds tasteful, mouth flooding w/ saliva, sugar sweet...
but it's not quite like that, heart bumping for very different reasons
wishing the leaves would fall before... winter... freezes my feet
thick socks, same old pair of boots, same pants, all seasons

so little have gone by, they're sticky, the fingers of time
remembering the juicy fruits, that's no longer, that i'll never forget
unless memory loss strikes in my days of sanity... i'll tell her about the lime
and about all things, because i'll try to be sane, even w/ lips wet

i look them up, hold it inside, all that ever happened, good and bad
should i or should i not? who can tell? they'll never speak out
hearing my words, what do you feel? in my thoughts you're all that drives me mad
can't deny, i want it to last forever. anywhere at all, one way route

by your side i feel myself shake, water is the original ecstasy, i'm thirsty
i promised myself i'd quit the natural drugs, but it's too natural
maybe completely numbing my senses... letting my brain get dusty
give up control to gain it, ain't it funny, doggy? how natural!

wouldn't seem so pretty to my eyes, so delightful
or smell so awfully good, so... like this
wouldn't feel so soft to the touch, so playful
or taste so deliciously addicting, so... gimme a kiss

wouldn't sound so melodic, so hilarious *giggle*
just say the sky is blue, i'll see it in all colors
like an everlasting rainbow, gay w/ no sexual innuendo...
b/c it's all in my head, except the f... rhyme

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