24-25/01/02 12:21pm

it hurts

went up the stairs
paid the ticket
searched among the sits for a chair
that would suit the need for a nice view

felt the smell from the air conditioned
inside that bus memories came blurred
but overwhelming, and deliciously lived
with all the intensity and deepness explored

then the stop passed and had to walk back
no curse to shout, it was pleasant the walk
so then water bought for drink didn't lack
'cauuse the way up hill couldn't be tough

all the way down again the beach awaited
far away. the path of crossed waters left
behind until a going back home. made
the way; swimming, floating, enjoying.

the burning sun ate up the blocking shield
wasn't even a battle, no fighting back from the skin.
coward fire attacking unprotected cells
torturous flame, pitiless villain.

happiness flowing, filling the whole mind
smile, talk stupid, worthless stuff produces laugh
look, have the images carry excitment, waking soul
cry of peace, love the water of your friend's body

stare, smile, feel ideas wanting to fly
let them be free, suffer; for suffering you live, too
when it's too much to take, keep on pushing
drowning in the wonders of imagination.

make it up, live it alone and remember to show
it to those you desire... let your self drugs
take all empty spaces, be naturally stoned
'cause it only improves your capacity of perception

go home, wherever home be.
sleep and dream and wish it will be
no matter how it goes, want it
no matter if it hurts, go for it

explode, exploding be! believe or not
you're alive, you're part of everything
good and bad and both, no escape
all different is the same old thing

the important need is that you look
at it as new and remake history
everyone's story of being produces
what you eat or puke or breath

what makes death come, makes life come too
all the time you think time passes, you're making time
so think and things will be
it will happen, for all and me

</codeína nikélika>

a day surfing... on the beach of 'mogiquiçaba'.

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