10:50:55pm - 6/5/01

leave me alone! let me sleep!
no! i do not want to do it! i do not want to write.
can you, stupid little piece of crap, shut up and go to bed?
i'm not in a good mood. i've stuff to do. i don't want to fight.
you can go to bed or get your stuff and leave. if you don't like it... too bad!

i want a quiet moment of peace inside of my head.
turn the lights off and the volume all the way down, okay?
i'm getting away, for my own welfare. i'm going mad.
i'm in a subway tunnel, noisy and crowded. i don't have a ticket. i cannot pay!

i do not want to cry! i do not want to be awake.
give me more time for my tasks to be completed... will you please?
i'm tired! i'm peaceless! i have a painful headache.
and all these bacterias surrounding me, are making me want to sneeze!

i do not want to have to pull me off of this sheet.
give the time some time. could you forget for a while that i exist in this team?
i'm willing to be a good girl, if soon these feelings turn around and quit.
i'm afraid of them. their reflex in the mirror are so sad and mean!

</codeína nikélika>

i apologize to poetry.

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