2:41:55pm - 2001

a very nice guy

he was just a very nice guy
who had on, almost every day,
a different, funnier tie.
some time ago this was all i could say.

i began to learn more about him,
when i felt i had to let out what was inside
i was in a spot with a dim beam
of light. he hugged me and i knew that, from him, i wouldn't have to hide.

the situation with me was already tough
and i thought i'd have to fight alone
but now he was there, he knew it was enough
he knew i didn't want to be there, i wanted to be gone

it was hard even for him, who i thought
could do anything. he actually could,
and he really did. the trouble i bought,
he threw away. i didn't know it could be done, but he taught me how it could.

so the very hard times were not anymore
and i knew he was the one who made it true
i enjoyed his family, which i now adore.
with his help i could make it through.

he's sorta like a dad;
he picks on me a lot, many times a day.
i don't really care. it's not that bad;
just annoying sometimes. but i love him anyway.

it makes me kinda sad
a little more than only kinda. yeah... yes!
i'll miss him really bad!..
even more than i'd miss my brain, not any less.

now it's father's day;
and i don't even know how i can
possibly have the words to say:
"hey mac! i'm trully your fan".

</codeína nikélika>

sick are those who can't distinguish father-daughter affection from sexual contact.
sick are those who judge other people 'sick' because of their sexual orientation.
sick are those who judge other people 'stupid' because of the color of their skin.
sick are those who mentally harass a young girl because she strives to be herself.
sick are those who make a website with fake pornographic pictures of a minor girl.
with just those simple definitions i can easily point back at you, mr. lawless.
i hope you're making good use of your collections of porn which you claimed to be mine.
i hope the clothes you took away from me fit you well.
i hope the poems you stole from me don't take much space on your computer desk.
i hope the time you waste trying to deturpate my image
and the image of other people, who have something you don't - dignity -
doesn't take away the pleasure you have in spending your wife's money
while you sit on your butt all day buying stuff on e-bay.
someday this one boy will look up to you to solve one of his problems...
he'll ask you how you prevent your nose from growing.
pinnochio will be thankful if you tell him your secret.

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