26/08/02 - 8:42pm


give me a kiss, nothing but a kiss
a sweet one, soft and gentle... only one.
that shall last simply the time, of the mortal's death
that's my only request, it's so petty, so simple

if i was exigent, so many things i'd ask
but it further bewitches my soul to wait for thine offering
if i was to say to thee "give me a kiss", what thou thinkest i'd hear?
milady, answer this, before the question thou forgetest

i'm aware of the world 'tween us, and of these mad times
but don't thou fall into dismay, nor become thou ofended
think about all i shall give thee; the poems, they are not few
and lightly lay thy hand on mine, held out to thee

if by any chance, on this very moment, thou feelest thy mind discomposed
by the wonder of how may i, so deep a worship so soon devote to thee
know thou that i merely follow what i feel
and if i say that love i have for thee, know that, i do not lie.

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