12/03/02 - about 10am

i write w/ no quill
i write w/ but the will
i write for all and thee
thus i do this also for me

i write w/ no mighty pen
i write w/ but the when
i write about all things
thus i shall write also about wings

i write w/ no soft hand
i write w/ but the brand
i write for my muse
thus i shall be of some use

i write w/ no closed eyes
i write w/ but the whys
i write for all to see and think
thus they shall sometimes blink

i write w/ no urge for stillness
i write w/ but this illness
i write for i am a bard
thus i shall be ill for good and hard

i write w/ no major pretentions
i write w/ but good intentions
i write for i need to
thus i shall write about thee, too

i write w/ no perfect brain
i write w/ but this stardust grain
i write for that's about all i do
thus i shall enjoy it too

</codeína nikélika>

writing on.

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