3:00am - 09/12/01

i ran to you

i looked out of my window and saw the lights
it was late and i could hardly see anyone
i remembered other times, past nights
when i slept early with thoughts of no one.

but that night was somewhat different
'cause my sticky mind had caught you
your smile, your eyes... your scent...
i had no need to feel blue

many were the images i could recall
many were the things i wanted to change
the scale of a map was the first of all
i wanted our distance to have no range

i was a bit too sleepy, it was almost three
i had to see you and nothing else was due besides holding you
time should go faster to a bus stop and free me
from having, on the past, the moment i ran to you.

</codeína nikélika>

at least i had some healthy exercise. heh
ps: i know this one isn't that good. that's what infatuation comes up with. that's why i keep thinking of this short beginning i came up with but didn't put down yet.
para salvar minha poesia
para aquecer minha alma fria"

which translates:
"i love
to save my poetry
i love
to heat up my cold soul"

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