9:53am - 09/02/02

i asked if he knew why his name was solan, what it meant,
and if he liked it.
he licked my feet
and i raised my head to the orient.

there was, on the sky, a grey bear coming
from the north, and the sea once greenish blue began turning
to a darker and darker tone.
came to my head the word 'wolves' and the sea turned pale as the big bear was gone.

then the wind blowing vigorously
made the banana tree move eagerly.
i looked south and saw the light
reflected by white clouds, shiny and bright.

the drops began to touch me and i rushed inside,
not afraid of the rain, but afraid that the ride
would wash the thoughts from my mind
and leave nothing for me to write.

</codeína nikélika>

how pleasant is the summer rain!

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