10:36pm - 5/7/01

there i was, laying my back against the bed.
feeling unsure, fearing what would come; in the gloom.
writing slowly, but surely knowing. i was just sad.
hearing the tick, hearing the tock, of my watch. and hearing the doom.

there i was, wearing a green shirt and blue jeans.
feeling insecure, fearing what would come; in my mind
a sound resounded, continuously. saying to myself "by all means,
i gotta be free". with my feet apart i sat there, with freedom to find.

there i was, procrastinating on my english essay.
feeling detached, fearing what would come, in my existance.
i had in my head, as many thoughts as one may
possibly have. i never thought of an end, to the resistance.

there i was, writing in red; in the light of a white rainbow.
feeling unglued, fearing what would come, in the outcome.
i figured i felt all the colors, i felt the arrow coming from a wooden bow;
i felt that if there was blue on the sky, i had to have some.

there i was, starting another endless poem about my life.
feeling tired, fearing what would come, in that brief time.
i never thought of an edge, if not of a sword or a knife.
bringing the smell of flowers, the taste of tears, and the brightness of a spring sunshine.

there i was, dropping fresh and salty tears.
feeling exhausted, fearing what would come, in an ocean of high and low waves.
trying to be strong, engulfed in my fears.
wanting to sleep, but afraid of nightmares. waiting for a dream; for on some nights, a dream saves.

</codeína nikélika>

written in red.
yes, i was procrastinating on my english essay... i'm sorry Ms. McB, and thank you.

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