6:25am - 17/09/02

what have i done

the sun rising with its rays reddening the sky
the frog frolicking away with its tongue catching a fly
the waves waving on the bay with its foam whitening the tide
the angel floating astray with its sins put aside

and the cloud and the pink cat watching still
knowing the unripping loom concealed ununbounding seal


get out of this situation
this isn't your inclination
yo better than this, yo better
get rid of this ride... no matter

what. what?!..have you done
you'll end up alone

i want no angel, i want to fly...reach a cloud up in the sky
and lay there on this comfy wattery skin...waiting to die
die of happiness of excitement of ecstasy of being near you
because i'm holding all the colourful feelings. i'm so blue.
be mine. i'll be on standby as long as you stand by me

</codeína nikélika>

sometimes the meanings are blurred... and then revealed.

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